Login Admin - change WIFI settings (ssid name, password)

by Tommy N. login is an IP used by most router brands as their default gateway & login IP address. 192.168.o.1 login is used to access the router setup page to configure various wireless & security settings. To access the admin panel hit the link below:


Note: is another most used login IP address by routers. You can give it a try if you fail to access your router login page using 192.168.o.1 ! Cheers ! 🙂
Login Ratings
Username: admin
Password: admin
Username: admin
Password: password
Username: *empty*
Password: admin

If none of the username and password given above works for you, try looking in our default router passwords list. You can also find the login details in your router's manual. If you have lost your password, you can factory reset the router and recover it.

What is IP ?

Most router brands use this IP address as router login to manage the router and its settings. One can smoothly perform tasks like router firmware update, changing SSID settings, creating a guest network, statistics using the router's console.

If your router also comes with IP address as its default gateway, you can quickly login into its admin panel by visiting the IP itself or using the login button provided in the top context of this page.

This article will help you learn about the router's console and its features. Moreover, you will be able to log in to the router's admin setup page and make configurations. Let's begin with the features first ! 🙂

Router Login (Features)

There are tons of tweaks and modifications to do. Here's the list of settings you can manage once you gain access to the router's configuration page:

  • SSID Settings

Change your wifi name, guest wifi network name, and their passwords within few clicks. You can also tweak security mode like WPA | WPA2 from these settings.

  • Security Settings

Make your wireless network more secure than before by tightening the securing like turning off WPS connect, a strong password, and monitoring the connected devices.

  • Access Control

Also known as parental control, now manage who will use your internet by restricting (blocking) users. If you are a parent, you can also control your kid's internet.

  • Guest Network

Are you not comfortable with sharing your password with every visitor ? No worries: Here's the solution, create a guest wifi network, and provide internet access.

  • Firmware Update

You know your router gets new updates from the manufacturer for better network speed and security. Users can install updates from the router's console.

  • Statistics

There is a bunch of important information about your router you can access like hardware, software, serial number, wireless statics, data usage, and more.

Address - Login - Login - Login

Note: You will only be able to login into the router setup page through this page if your router's login IP address is; otherwise, you will not be redirected and get stuck on the loading page. You can easily find the router IP address to ensure that you are trying to login to the correct IP address and avoid wasting your precious time.

But if you still fail, try looking in our list for all brands router IP addresses list or the manual. But if you are redirected to the page asking for the login details, it means you have successfully accessed the login page. Now you can begin with the login process.

Router Login (Requirements)

  • Login IP Address

The default gateway is the login IP address for routers and must be correct in order to log in. You can easily find it from the manual, the list or using our tutorial.

  • Internet Connection

You will need to be connected to the wireless network, and the router page only works if you have an active connection. You need to be on the wireless network whose router you are trying to login and configure. Be sure otherwise; the login page won't load ! 🧐

  • Login Credentials

An admin username & password is required to log in to the configuration panel, and you can get it from the manual or our default router's passwords list.

How To Login ?

192.168.o.1 - Login
192.168.o.1 - Login

Once you are connected to the wireless network of your router and up with all the requirements, you can follow the step by step guide below:

  • Open any web browser and type in the address or search bar and hit the go button. You can also visit the router login page by clicking the direct link provided at the top of this page. Here's a little help: 😀
  • Once you enter the URL, hit the go button, It will direct you to the router login page asking for username and password like in the screenshot given below:
Router Login Page
Router Login Page
  • Enter your router's login details and proceed with the login button. You will be now redirected to the router's console displaying the main page:
Router Admin Panel
Router Admin Panel

You have successfully logged in and are ready to make changes to your router's configuration and the wireless connection. You will now have access to make a lot of modifications to your wifi connection. Now you can see who's on your wifi, make SSID changes, parental controls, and more. Here's what you can try:

192.168.o.1 & 192.168.0.l

Logging into IP can be complicated for beginners, and there are high chances of facing an error as there are many misspelled versions of ! To avoid any issues, make sure you are trying to log into the IP's correct format; otherwise, you may face the router login face not loading error. Here's is the correct & incorrect format :




  • 192.168.o.1
  • 192.168.0.l

However, if you like to keep things simple and easy, you can use the routerhax app (router admin setup) to configure your router and network services. Get access to many features like default gateway checkup, credentials changes, default login and passwords list, and a lot more. You can download the application directly on your iOS as well as on Android device from the app store and google play store link below:

Router Admin Setup
Router Admin Setup
Play Store App Store

IP 192.168.o.1 Login Tutorial

Fun Facts about is the most common default gateway address for home broadband routers and other network devices.

It's a Class C private IP address, which means it can be used by any device on a local network that's been set up to use this address range.

The 0 in represents the octet of the IP address, which is eight bits long. The 1 at the end is the subnet mask, which indicates which part of the IP address is available for host addresses. In this case, the first three octets are dedicated to the network while the fourth octet is dedicated to hosts on that network.

Some home broadband router manufacturers use different default gateway addresses, such as or, but is the most common address.

FAQs for 192.168.o.1 Login Users

FAQs for 192.168.o.1 Login Users
FAQs for 192.168.o.1 Login Users

Why My Router Login Page is Not Loading ?

If you try to log in to the router admin panel and find that the login page is not loading, it can happen if you log into an incorrect IP address or the device you are using is not connected to the wireless connection. Therefore, make sure you log in using the correct IP and the format and connected to the router's wifi network, which you are configuring.

How Can I Change My SSID Settings ?

Once you have successfully logged into the router's administration, you can head to the router's wireless section, where you can find all the settings related to the wireless connection. You can configure settings like SSID settings and guest wifi settings, including wifi name, guest wifi name, password, auth mode, encrypt type, security, and more.

What Are My Router Login Credentials ?

The very first place to look for router login username & password is the router's manual itself. If you have lost it, you can look into our default router passwords list for all router brands. One can also perform a factory reset to recover a forgotten password and change all settings to default.

How Can I Change My IP Address ?

Admin can change IP address using private LAN settings. Navigate to basic LAN settings, and you will find an option to edit your router's IP address. Note that doing this will also change your login IP address, and you will have to log in to the new address next time.

How Do I Find My Login IP Address ?

Some router manufacturers have this information in the manual, and some don't. You can still look in our default router IP addresses list or follow the tutorial to find router IP address on routerhax.com ! Without a login IP, you cannot access the admin panel.

How Can I Factory Reset My Router ?

Factory resetting a router is simple & easy ! You can perform a router factory reset using the reset button at the back of the router. You will need to hold it for a couple of seconds with a sharp-pointed object like a sim ejector tool until the lights on the router start blinking. Once the reset process completes, all the custom changes in settings will be reverted, including the WIFI SSID settings and router login information.

To sum up, this article was all about logging into the IP address. As a result, now you will be easily able to log in to your router's admin panel and make changes. You can also log in to all other popular IPs like and using the same process. The login IP can vary with router brands, which is not an issue at all as it doesn't impact the router login process and router panel. Now control your wifi and have some fun. Also let me know what will be the first thing you will be doing in the comments ! 😛

You can consider bookmarking your default login page so that you can access it with one click whenever you want to. Thanks & share this article if you find it helpful ! 😊

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