login - change WIFI settings (SSID name, password)

by arshdxxp is a private IP address that routers use as their default gateway and the login address to the router setup wizard. To access the admin panel, your device must be connected to the router's wifi you are trying to configure !

To access the 192.168.10.l IP admin page, simply type 192.168.10.l or in your favorite browser's address field. For your convenience, just tap the button below:


Note: & are the most used login IP addresses by routers !
Login Ratings
Username: admin
Password: admin
Username: admin
Password: password
Username: *empty*
Password: admin

By logging in to the router, you can change the wireless connection name, password, security settings, manage guest wifi, parental controls, and more.

Address (Router Login)

You can use any browser to log in and on any operating system connected to the router's wireless connection. Before you do that, make sure you confirm your router's IP address so that you don't end up facing an error (seeing a blank page or not loading) !

It's easy to find router IP address; run  netstat -nr|grep default command in terminal to see your login address in macOS ! Here's little help:

Mac Command
Mac Command

Windows: run  ipconfig  command in command prompt to find router's default gateway !

Windows Command
Windows Command

Once you are familiar with the login address (default gateway) of your router, launch any browser app and type the IP in the address bar, and hit enter:

Username & Password

The IP address will direct you to the router login page, asking for a username and password to access the configuration panel. You will need to enter the default router password or the unique credentials that you may have created if you had set up the router earlier. One can find the login information in the router manual which comes with the box, whereas we also have a default router passwords list of all router brands.

Login Page
Login Page

If you have lost the password, reset the router to recover it !

Enter the login details and proceed to the router setup page. Once you are logged in, you will have access to all the settings related to your wireless connection and the router. It would be best if you consider updating your router admin password so no one else can access it. You are now ready to make configurations. Try blocking a wifi user !

Change Wireless Settings

The main purpose of people wanting to access their router settings is to update their default SSID settings, especially the wifi password. If you are also looking to know how you can rename your wifi name or change your wifi password, follow the steps:

  • Login to the router !
  • Navigate to the wireless section !
  • Select the network you want to configure !
  • Update the SSID settings:
Wireless Setting
Wireless Setting

Troubleshoot Login

Troubleshoot Login
Troubleshoot Login

If you are having issues logging into to the router, there might be two reasons:

  • Wrong Connection

If you are not connected to the router's wireless connection that you are looking to configure, you will not access the router login page. Also, make sure that you are not on mobile data if you are trying to access the router setup page using a mobile device.

  • Incorrect IP Address

You might be trying to log in to an incorrect IP address, and you will be seeing a blank page or not loading error; therefore, make sure you are logging using the right address.

Umm, still facing any issues ? Feel free to contact or use the comment section below and we will get back to you with an appropriate solution. If you find this article helpful, do share it with someone whom it can benefit ! šŸ™‚

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