Find Router IP Address: Mobile and PC 2022

by Tommy N.

More than 60% of wifi routers out there use & as their default gateway, which is also their login IP address to access router configuration page. But many router brands are using different gateways. With the help of this tutorial, you can easily find router IP address and log in to your router's admin panel !

Are you trying to log in to your router's admin panel but not familiar with the IP address used by your router ? You know you need the router's IP address to access the admin page to make configurations and modifications to your wireless connection settings.

You can manage settings like:

These features are only accessible through the router setup page !

How To Find Router IP Address ?

Find Router Ip Address
Find Router Ip Address

As mentioned above, most router brands use & as their default gateways and their login IP address for their admin panels. If your router has a different gateway, these login address will not work for you and redirect you to the login page; therefore, you need to find the correct one. But if it does, you can log in to the router admin panel ! Here's how to know your router IP !

You can try to look for the default gateway (login IP address) of your router in the router manual that comes with the box. Moreover, you can also find the login information you will need to enter in the router login page to proceed further. It is possible that you may not find it there or have lost the manual itself; however, you can always look into our default router IP addresses list and search the brand you have !

Find Router Login Page

This tutorial is about finding the login address of a router, and there is more than one way to do it; therefore, you can follow whichever you like to. The procedure varies with the device's operating system, and you can follow the instructions for the OS you are using. Before you move to the actual guide, make sure you are connected to the router's wireless network whose IP you are trying to find. Let's begin with the easy method first:

Find IP With Commands

The easiest way to find the router IP address is by executing the command into cmd, terminal, and shell. Here's a list of commands for different operating systems:

  • Windows

Command Prompt Command:


The IP address will be shown next to the default gateway:

Windows Command
Windows Command
  • Linux

Shell Command:

ip route | grep default

Sample output of the ip route command:

Linux Command
Linux Command
  • Mac

Terminal Command:

netstat -nr|grep default

The IP address will be displayed on the first line:

Find Router IP Address
Find Router IP Address

That was quite easy ! Isn't it ? You know you can even use these commands on a mobile device by installing an application like terminal emulator, etc.

So let's begin with the alternative method !

Find IP On Windows

This method is alternate to the ipconfig command. Follow the steps below to find default gateway of the router on windows operating system:

  • Open control panel using the start menu !
  • Navigate to the network and sharing centre !
  • Select the wireless connection you are connected to !
  • Hit the details button | view network properties in newer version !
  • The IP address displaying in front of default gateway indicates the router IP address (router login IP) ! as seen in the screenshot given below :
Find Ip On Windows
Find Ip On Windows

Find IP On Mac

  • The process for Mac is quite simple. Open system preferences from the apple menu and select the network option where you can get wifi information !
  • A network tab will appear from where you need to select the connected wireless network whose IP you are trying to find, and open the advanced menu !
  • Now simply shift to the tab showing TCP & IP information and you'll see your router IP address listed in front of the router text like in the image below:
Find Ip On Mac
Find Ip On Mac

Find IP On Mobile

Finding the router IP address is the easiest on a mobile device. Your device must be connected to the wireless connection in order to find it's login IP address. Once you are on the wifi, just open your phone's wireless connection settings, and you will find the router IP address. Here's an image showing the router login address on an iOS device:

Find Ip On Mobile
Find Ip On Mobile

Using Third-Party Apps

However, there is an alternative way to find the router IP address and manage its all settings, i.e. is with third-party apps. These apps simply display your IP address and all other information related to the router. You can also configure wireless settings with the help of such wifi applications. And the best thing about these applications is that they are available for all operating systems and even beginners can use them easily.

(Find Router IP Address) Video

FAQs for Router IP Address Finders

FAQs for Router IP Address Finders
FAQs for Router IP Address Finders
To check if an IP is correct, it will redirect you to the router login page asking for the credentials. But if it doesn't, you will see a blank page or not loading error. If you face this error, you will need to find the right one. You can also use a third-party app to check your login IP !

Once you have access to your router login IP address, you can enter it in the browser's search bar and log in to the router admin panel using the admin password. The default gateway of your router is the login IP address using which you can configure your wireless connection settings !

Router IP Address Finder

That's how you find router IP address ! Log in to your router easily and make whatever configurations you want to make. You can try the following settings:

Consider bookmarking your router login page so that you can access it anytime within few clicks and manage the router and wireless connection settings easily.

If you are still facing any issues, feel free to use the comment section below or contact us anytime. Also, if you find this article helpful, share it with whom it can help ! 🙂

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