Default Router Passwords List 2002

by Tommy N.

The wifi router comes with a setup page where the administrator can log in and make necessary configurations like wireless connection settings, wifi security, access control, guest wifi networks, and more. To login into the router, login credentials are required, and to access to the router login page you will need to find router IP address ! The table below shows a list of default router passwords and usernames along with their brand !

Note: The best place to look for a router's login credentials is the manual which comes along with it in the box. Some router brands even mention the login details on the router itself, so consider looking there first. You can also perform a factory reset to revert the admin password to default and recover it in case you forgot it !

Here's the list of router passwords:

Router Passwords
Router Passwords
Brand (A-Z Order)
Actiontec Username: admin
Password: password
Arris Username: admin
Password: password
2WireUsername: admin
Password: admin
3ComUsername: root
Password: !root
AppleUsername: root
Password: alpine
AsusUsername: admin
Password: admin
BelkinUsername: admin
Password: admin
BenQUsername: admin
Password: admin
BuffaloUsername: admin
Password: password
CiscoUsername: admin | cisco
Password: admin | cisco
D-LinkUsername: admin
Password: admin
DigicomUsername: admin
Password: michelangelo | password
HitronUsername: cusadmin
Password: wifi password
HuaweiUsername: admin
Password: admin
LinksysUsername: admin
Password: admin
Motorola Username: admin
Password: motorola
NetcommUsername: admin
Password: password
Username: admin
Password: password
NetstarUsername: admin
Password: password
SamsungUsername: admin
Password: password
SigmaUsername: admin
Password: admin
SitecomUsername: admin
Password: admin
SUNUsername: admin
Password: admin
SynologyUsername: admin
Password: admin
TelcoUsername: telco
Password: telco
TendaUsername: admin
Password: admin
Tomato Username: root , Password: root
Username: root , Password: toor
ThomsonUsername: admin
Password: user
TP-LinkUsername: admin , Password: admin
Username: admin , Password: administrator
Username: admin , Password: tplink1234
TRENDnetUsername: admin
Password: admin
US RoboticsUsername: admin
Password: admin
Verizon Username: admin
Password: password
ZCOMUsername: root
Password: password
ZTEUsername: admin
Password: admin
ZyXELUsername: admin
Password: 1234

Note: The default settings for most routers are usually found on the underside or back of the router. If you still can't access your router, you may need to reset it to its factory default settings. This will erase all of your custom settings, so be sure to back up your configuration before proceeding.

Benefits of the Default Router Password

If you are a home user, then it is likely that your router came with a default password. This password is usually easy to find, and if you have ever forgotten it, then you can easily reset it. However, there are some benefits to knowing the default router passwords, even if you never use them.

For one, if you ever need to troubleshoot your router or make changes to its settings, then having the default password can be extremely helpful. Additionally, if you ever need to factory reset your router, then knowing the password can help you avoid having to go through the process of setting everything up from scratch.

Overall, there are many benefits to knowing the default router passwords, even if you never actually use them. If you are a home user, then it is definitely worth taking the time to find out what your router's password is. You never know when you might need it!

Conclusion on Router Passwords

If you don't find your router brand on the list, try contacting your router manufacturer for the default router password. You can also contact us or tell us the name of your router brand in the comment section below, and we will update it here on the list ! 🙂

About Tommy N.

Tommy N is a computer security blogger who likes to write about various aspects of the field. He has been blogging for several years and enjoys helping others learn more about keeping their data safe. Tommy is also an avid gamer and loves spending time with his friends and family. Follow Me: YouTube

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