Change WiFi Name

This article is a short guide to  change wifi name ! Β You’ll notice that your wifi network is bunched with many others in the same location when you attempt to connect a device to your network. You’ll be mixed in with many other networks with default names like tesla, bell, rogers, etc. It can get to where your wifi connection will be jumbled up with many others in one space; therefore, you should consider renaming your wireless connection.

You’ll need to enter your network and change wifi name to ensure your connection is distinguishable. You might also need to change it to keep it secure. You will have the freedom to use whatever name you like, but you should ensure that the SSID name you will use is simple and easy to figure. You can change the network name anytime ! πŸ™‚

Note: There are some requirements listed below to perform a SSID name change !

WiFi SSID (Info)

The name of your wifi is also called theΒ service set identifier (SSID). The label is up to 32 characters long and represents the wireless network associated with that connection ! The SSID appears in a beacon packet attached to the wifi network, which announces its presence in a local area using which the one can attempt to connect to the internet !

Change WiFi Name (Tutorial)


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