Change WIFI Password: The Ultimate Guide 2022

by Tommy N.

You shared your wifi password with all of your friends, and now you don't want them to use it, or you want to change the default password for the first time ! Even a stranger can connect to your wireless network using the password that comes with the box and affect your internet speed. The process is quite simple and similar for all of the router brands; therefore, there is no need to worry about the router brand and internet service provider you have. You can change wifi password with the help of this guide quickly !

Note: Before you move on to the actual guide, make sure you are up with all the necessary requirements listed below in order to make the changes !

Change WiFi Password (Requirements)

How To Change Wifi Password !
How To Change Wifi Password !

To change the wireless connection password, you will need to access the router admin panel, where you can configure settings related to wifi, security, system, manage users, and more. Here's what you will need to router login:

  • Login IP Address

The default gateway of your router is the login IP address for the routers, which the manufacturers assign. This address is required as you will use it while logging in to the router admin setup page. Users can also find the router IP address using the tutorial ! You can try the most used gateways by popular router brands listed below:

If none of these work for you, it means your router uses a different gateway. You can search our default router IP addresses list for your router brand !

  • Login Credentials

Once you are at the router login page, you will need a username and password to proceed further. Users can find these credentials in the router's manual or routerhax default router passwords list. There are chances of losing access but don't worry; you can recover default logins by performing a factory reset !

  • Internet Connection

If you are not connected to the wireless connection of the router you are trying to configure, you may land on a blank page. Make sure your device is on wifi, not on mobile data or some other internet connection. It can also confuse people with incorrect gateway errors, and the login page may show an error page or keep on loading.

How To Change WiFi Password (Tutorial)

First of all, you will need to log in to your wireless connection's router administration, where you can modify wireless SSID settings. Here's how to login:

  • Open any internet browser of your choice and type your router IP address ( in the browser's search bar and press enter. Replace with your router's login IP address and press enter. You will be directed you to the login page of your router like in the screenshots below:
Ip Login
Ip Login
Login Screen
Login Screen
  • You can enter the username and password to log in, which is usually admin & admin for most of the router brands. But you will need to find your login details if it doesn't get you on the configuration page. However, users can find the logins in the router's manual as well on the router. Once you log in successfully, you can manage settings like SSID settings and security in the wireless section:
Wireless Settings
Wireless Settings
  • Navigate to the wireless settings page from the router configuration page, where you will find SSID, password, security mode, WPS, and more settings. Go to the password field, and you will see your current password in the placeholder; you need to edit it and change it to your new password. Hit the update save changes button, and the changes will take place. Look at the screenshot below:
Ssid Settings
Ssid Settings

Finally, you have changed your wifi password successfully. But here's a twist, you will be disconnected from the wifi, and to connect to your wireless connection again, you need to forget the network and reconnect with the new password. Be careful while changing the wireless or admin password, and make sure you write it somewhere; otherwise, you may need to reset the router to gain access. You can also change wireless network name as well other settings like security mode, auth mode, encryption and more.

You might be having a 2.4g and 5g wireless network separately depending on the router; therefore, you have to change passwords for both the networks. If you only change the password of a single wifi network, another network will be using the same old password, which can cause a lot of confusion for you. So be careful with the process and make sure you update settings of all the networks, including guest wifi connection.

Video Tutorial (WiFi SSID Settings)

FAQs for Who Looking to Change WiFi Password

FAQs for Who Looking to Change WiFi Password
FAQs for Who Looking to Change WiFi Password
Yes, you can change wifi using any device have a web browser and connects to your wireless connection. Just access the router setup page and navigate to SSID settings to change the wifi name, password and security. But it is easy to configure and visit webpages using a pc.
The router goes through a reboot process to save changes, and your wireless connection is updated with the new password. You will need to connect to the wifi again using the updated password. Therefore, connect to the wifi after you modify the settings.
Yes, if your router supports two networks, you must change the password and settings for both of the networks 2.4g | 5g as well as the guest wifi connection. Suppose you modify the password for one network, devices using other connection will still be using the old password.

How To Change WiFi SSID Name ?

Internet service providers are the ones who set up routers for customers most of the time, that's why the majority of wifi users don't know how to change wifi password ? and they are also not familiar with the setup process. But internet user should have knowledge and control over the service they own and paying to get the best out of it.

I hope after going through this article, you will be able to change your wifi password with ease. If you want to learn more about routers and wireless networks, you can find a lot more interesting content on the blog !

Lastly, please feel free to use the comment section below and the contact page if you have any issues or questions. We will get back to you as soon as time allows us. Also, if you feel this article can help someone else as well, do consider sharing ! 🙂

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